Feed the Need-All School Event

Packing Party ~ Friday, February 22 @ 8:30 am


NOW IS THE TIME!  Your fundraising website is ready for you to register. CLICK HERE to watch a video tutorial that walks you through the registration process.
Steps to register:
1. You have two options to register:
- Text your organization's fundraising keyword FellowshipFTN to 71777
- Website: log on by clicking here https://app.mobilecause.com/vf/FellowshipFTN to sign up as a fundraiser.
2. If you choose to text, you will receive a text with a link to sign up. Click on the link. If you are using
the webpage skip to the next step.
3. Once the webpage loads scroll and click "Become a Fundraiser". This will take you to a new page
where you will create your own fundraising page under your personal keyword.
4. Fill in your information and click "Become a Fundraiser" a second time. This will finalize the creation
of your page.
5. Personalize your page by uploading a photo making it easy for people to recognize that this is your
fundraising page.
6. Lead by example and make a pledge to your page! This will help you know how the process works
and give you the right to ask others to support you.
7. Now it's time to let you friends and family know by sharing your fundraising page. You will also want
to make phone calls, use email or text to contact friends and family for their support during this
fundraising campaign.


There are three simple rules in texting during a fundraising campaign:
1. NO long text- they tend to feel like spam and not from a friend.
2. ALWAYS ask permission to ask - your text should be a conversation.
3. Have FUN and keep track of your progress on your tracking sheet.


Thank you for registering to be a fundraiser! After you have contacted family and friends for support, follow up within a week after your initial "ask" with a face to face conversation or phone call.