Little Mustang Mentoring Program

 In the Little Mustang Mentoring Program, an elementary boy will be matched up with a Varsity Football player to be their "big brother" throughout the 2017 football season.
It is our desire for this program to give our high school boys a chance to become a mentor to the younger generation through the example they will set by their words and actions throughout the football season.  We also want to give our younger boys someone that they can look up to and learn the proper way to behave and live like a godly young man. We believe that this program will be a benefit and a blessing to all those involved, and are excited about the opportunities that God will provide for both the Big and Little Mustangs.

The Little Mustang 2017 Meet and Greet will be held on Friday, August 25 where the boys will be introduced to their "big brother."
Here are the program details: 

Open to 3rd-5th grade boys

Each boy will receive a jersey (to wear and keep) with his big brother's jersey number

Each boy present at home football games will get to run out of the tunnel with the football team at the beginning of the game

Each boy will be introduced with their big brother at one of the pep rallies

Each boy will be introduced at half-time of the Friday, September 9 home football game @ Southwest Christian School

5th graders will have an opportunity to serve as ball boy during a home football game

The little Mustangs will get to partake in one of the football team lunches held on the FA campus.

Each boy will be visited at least 3 times during their lunch period by their big brother throughout the season.