Stepping Into The Future Campaign

We are excited to announce that we have the plans and have broken ground on the gym expansion!   Once the expansion is complete (which will include additional bleachers, new flooring and a concession stand), we will be able to host most of our home volleyball and basketball games for junior high and high school. This will alleviate the financial burden of transportation to practices and renting space for games, team practices and fine arts productions, including the annual Christmas program and spring musical.  The expanded gym will also create additional space for PE classes, the weight room, storage and athletic offices.
There are few times in a person's life where they can truly make a difference and see an immediate impact through their giving. We define a "lifetime gift" as a gift which you will look back on and say that you truly SACRIFICED for a cause bigger than yourself and your normal giving capacity.  You have this opportunity NOW.  By making a "lifetime gift", you can not only help your family for generations but also affect families in your community for generations. Fellowship Academy is truly a difference making ministry in the lives of the families it touches.