Welcome to Fellowship Academy

Welcome to our website! We use our website to let families know more about our fabulous school and also to communicate essential information to current families. If you are a new family, I hope our website gives you a taste of the unique flavor of our school.

Fellowship Academy was founded 2000 by Monica Collier; her vision was to establish a thriving Christian school where students learn to be godly leaders who impact the community through their service to others, who are encouraged in a safe and Christ-centered environment, and who realize their full potential through hard work and discovery of their God-given gifts, talents, and purpose. Fellowship Academy has the core values of being inclusive – we don't give an admission test and we accept students who are good citizens, regardless of their faith; and affordable – you can't beat our tuition.

Mrs. Collier wrapped up her 18th year as the founder and only head of school in May 2018, when I came on board as the new head of school. I simply love our school – our people, our campus and location, our faith culture, and our family atmosphere. I have had the privilege of being at several schools over my career, and I have never worked with more talented, hard-working, committed and caring families, faculty and staff.

I have personally been engaged in higher education, home education, private education, public education, and public charter schools, either as a parent or as an educator. Each model has its advantages and disadvantages. Private education requires a financial commitment – and sometimes even a sacrifice -  and I can tell you that my husband and I never regretted one dollar we spent or one minute we invested in private Christian education for our children or for the children we served. No education is complete without being rooted in eternal truth, and the value of education will never be measured by a state-created, one-size-fits all test. At a private Christian school,  we can focus on what really matters in education – preparing the hearts and minds of our students to become leaders and citizens in our nation, our state, in our communities, in our churches and businesses, and to be guardians and protectors of their families.

The core culture of Fellowship Academy is grounded in the love and grace it takes to work together and build one another up on a daily basis. Jesus said in John 13:35 that the world would know that we are His disciples by this: that we love one another. It is my sincere prayer that the biblical principles and the loving, grace-filled traditions that have built Fellowship Academy into a thriving school will continue to grow and prosper long into the future.

Please call us or fill out an inquiry form today. Our phone number is 817-483-2400. We would be glad to schedule a tour or tell you more about our school.

Together in His service,

Marilyn Dardenne, Ed.D.